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Every year we build a custom offensive playbook in Madden NFL to take to the field.  This year, we go through the 7 steps of building a game ready offensive playbook with 3 formations, 3 sets, and 6 plays per set along with tips you'll need to build a cohesive offensive playbook of your own. 

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Madden NFL players constantly look for advantages. Making the right call at the right time is all the advantage we need. Planning ahead for game time makes picking the right play easy come crunch-time. Whether it's 3rd and long or the offense is backed up in the shadow of it's own goal posts; Madden players that plan ahead win more games.  This tip, submitted by legacy member "TruthBTold" relates a tournament experience that changed the way he approaches game planning.

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Madden players never want running backs to fumble.


There's never a good time to fumble. Madden NFL players know that maintaining possession wins football games; while putting the ball on the ground is a quick way to lose. Running the ball might seem the best method to maintain control of the rock, but a hard hit could jar the ball loose and change the game. Covering the ball helps, but even it's effect is minimized late in the game when fatigue is a factor. This tip, sent in by legacy member "MaveDork" details a simple way to manage player fatigue while making fumbles harder to force in the late quarters.

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