TNT713 Panthers have reeled off a string of four razor thin wins by correcting mistakes in the 4th quarter. Blunts2Bottles Browns puts the streak in jeopardy when a slight mistake turns the tide.

TNT713 Panthers hit a wall against Datdude299 Cowboys in a game that comes down to the final second. Both teams are able to light up the scoreboard, but only one can come out a victor.

It's frustrating when plays don't go our way.  sirSuavealot's luck turns when the 49ers need a score. TNT713's new offensive scheme keeps the Panthers in it until a big play sparks 2nd quarter rage quit. 

Sometimes we want to quit. In this game, the Panthers are taking a beating from Lions_Den27's Browns.  TNT713 starts managing clock like the half is ending.  Will the clock strategy work?

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