Kickers are the highest scoring players in the history of the NFL.  Check the stats.  Scoring record holders are almost all of kickers.  They don't call it football for nothing.  Three points are better than none.  TNT713 talks about why respecting the kicking game essential to winning.

Madden NFL scoring records, probably not kickers.  Madden players don't use their kickers.  If can be 4th and a mile and within range, and some people will still go for it.  Daring, but not smart.  Kick the field goal!

Let's face it; we all know kicking field goals is hardly anyone's first option.  Touchdowns are clearly better; but field goals wring points out of disappointing drives.  In games where a field goal is what it takes to win, we need to be confident in our kicker.


Some kicks are much harder than others.  Depending on the game situation, distance, wind speed and direction, momentum of the game any number of things could happen on a Field Goal or Extra Point (XP).  Making or missing a Field Goal (FG) is mix of the kick arc indicator and the three press button timing on the kick meter. 

      • Aim Left
      • Aim Middle
      • Aim Right
      • Early Timing
      • Perfect Timing
      • Late Timing
      • Ice the Kicker (covered later)

A late timed kick will pull the kick across the kicker's body, no matter which foot he uses.  Right footed kickers miss right when they kick too early, left if they kick too late.  It's reversed for left footed kickers.  With advanced techniques, it's possible to aim too far left then have a right footed kicker bend it inside the uprights.  Good for showing off, but not when the game is on the line. 


Not every kicker is created equal.  The Kick Power (KPW) rating determines a kicker's distance, while the Kicking Accuracy (KPA) determines his accuracy.  LKA.  We still have to consider our abilities on the sticks before attempting field goals from any distance. 

To be successful at kicking, we should know our kicker's ratings.  Not the rating number as much as how ratings influence our decision to kick.  Players that bounce from team to team may not be aware of their kicker's KPW rating translates to his kicking range or whether his accuracy from distance merits an attempt.  Familiarity with a kicker's capabilities avoids costly misses that turn the ball over.  Take the early points, but don't whine about losing close games when a FG would have made the difference. 

Successful Madden players kick field goals without hesitation when circumstances dictate.  Players that understand that not every possession will result in a touchdown are more than likely to win tight games.  Putting the ball through the uprights wins games...  That's why kickers dominate the record books.