Team loyalty is hard when the quarterback is a liability.  Lots of Madden NFL teams go unused because of lower tiered Quarterbacks.  Elite quarterbacks are so good we almost have to use them.  WFColonel56 award winning series tells use our favorite team, run the ball and play defense to win even when the quarterback is trash. 

We've all been there.  We can't use our favorite team because of the QB.  We might shop around, but playing with another team just doesn't feel right.  We come back home and start fighting to find ways to win.  The Panthers haven't had an MVP caliber quarterback since Cam Newton, but before him we drafted Chris Weinke and Jimmy Clausen.  Yuck! 

Team loyalty means fighting through the adversity, getting by, and passing effectively anyway.  The first step:

Know the personnel 

Check the ratings.  What our quarterback can do relies on the ratings.  No matter how well we read a defense, our QB ratings determine how well he can be expected to perform.   Don't worry about how well the QB can run block.  Instead focus on the most important to playing the position:

Table 1..1 Quarterback ratings ranked by importance
1 AWR Awareness How well the QB makes decisions when controlled by the AI.  User controlled QB make decisions instead of using AWR AWR effects whether the ball is a spiral or a wobbly duck. 
2 THP Throwing Power How hard a QB can throw the ball THP effects the velocity of the ball and how far he can throw it.
3 THA Throwing Accuracy How close a QB can place a ball to a receiver THA effects how close a pass comes to being catchable for receivers.  Additional ratings (SAC, MAC, DAC) factor depending on how far the ball travels in the air.
4 SPD Speed How fast a QB can run SPD is more important for a scrambling QB than a pocket passer.  Additional ratings (ACC, AGI) factor on how quickly a QB can reach his top speed.
5 TUP Throw Under Pressure How resistant a QB is to pressure TUP effects accuracy penalties when defenders are near the QB.

Know what our quarterback does well.  We are all coaches on Madden.  It's our job to know the strengths and weaknesses of our personnel.  Even if our quarterback isn't elite, every quarterback in the NFL is qualified to be an NFL quarterback. 

Some quarterbacks are amazing at throwing accurate deep passes, but can't complete a 5-yard pass.  Likewise, some passers can hit a short pass all day, but have trouble completing throws down field.  Knowing which passes our quarterback can throw consistently is key to knowing which to avoid.

Know our quarterback's limitations, then play within them.