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Madden players never want running backs to fumble.

There's never a good time to fumble. Madden NFL players know that maintaining possession wins football games; while putting the ball on the ground is a quick way to lose. Running the ball might seem the best method to maintain control of the rock, but a hard hit could jar the ball loose and change the game. Covering the ball helps, but even it's effect is minimized late in the game when fatigue is a factor. This tip, sent in by legacy member "MaveDork" details a simple way to manage player fatigue while making fumbles harder to force in the late quarters.

Everyone knows how to cover the ball to prevent fumbles, but Madden players often run with tired running backs who fumble on hard hits even when they are carrying the ball with both hands. To minimize the risk of fumbles, use a high setting on the Auto-Subs setting for your running backs. Sub players out at 85-95% and sub them back in when their energy has returned to 90-100%.

Using the higher fatigue percentage means your backs will be less fatigued in the late quarters. If the defense isn't also making substitutions offensive players will be faster, stronger, and less apt to fumble as the game wears on. For teams with two good backs, the resulting rotation gives the offense a change of pace to keep your opponent's on their toes.

Don't think that feature backs will be sitting the bench. Most downs will see the starter in the backfield, but in instances where you want to ensure the starter remains in the game simply run no-huddle to keep the same personnel on the field.  Experiment with your sub percentages to keep the rotation you're looking for.  Remember, factors like carrying the ball, getting tackled, sprinting, or performing special moves will have a negative effect on your fatigue.

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