No-huddle offenses are fragile.  Just one well timed defensive play and the offense heads to the huddle or the sideline.  This strategy from TNT713 talks about the fastest, simplest, and most effective tool to get the ball back for our offense.

Audible to any formation in the playbook with 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers.  Audibles are available onany defensive play before the snap.  Use the entire range of plays during no-huddle drives to maximize defenisve efficiency.

When we face off against a no-huddle offense, audibles are the best tools on defense.  Quick and easy, there's no faster way to change our defense.  The whole character of a defense can change in an instant with just two buttons.  We can switch change our Cover 0 blitz into a Cover 4 just before the snap.  Even better, we can change our audibles anytime we are in the huddle. 

Set audibles with a strategy. 

No-huddle offenses only have a few basic options. 

  • Run the previous play
  • Call one of 4 Audibles
    • From Same formation
    • Shift to another formation
  • Hot Route
  • Timeout

If it seems like a lot.  Our defense has the same flexibility the offense has.  We confuse our opponents when we get into and out of plays quickly, but we dont want to confuse ourselves.  Slow decisions create opportunities we don't want to give away.