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Madden NFL 18 March 19th Title Update

The Madden NFL 18 development team has released another title update on March 19, 2018.  This small update patches an exploit that allowed players using this years new Target Passing system to throw a pass to one receiver and manually have another receiver in the same area catch the ball. 

The benefit to using the Target Passing exploit was to fool both AI and user controlled defenders into reacting to the ball in the area of the intended receiver while another receiver in the same vicinity makes the grab. 

Fixed Target Passing Exploit – added additional logic so only the intended receiver can catch the ball when using Target Passing.

This fix has been deployed on both platforms as of 10 AM ET today.

- EA Sports Madden NFL

A Madden NFL title update this deep into the gaming year is a departure from past practice for EA and represents how dedicated the development team is to the Madden community.  Updates to Madden titles more than a month after the Super Bowl are rare as efforts at EA Tiburon have shifted to development on the Madden NFL 19 title that is likely to be launched in August. 

The size of this patch may indicate that it will be the last for Madden NFL 18.  With little time left to finalize the game before being certified by Sony and Microsoft, EA developers may be under the gun if Madden NFL 19 sees major changes.  Announcements of new features for Madden NFL 19 can be expected in late April, shortly after the NFL Draft when excitement about the 2018 NFL season is at it's highest. 

In the meantime, keep playing Madden NFL 18 til the wheels fall off. 


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