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In this episode of Gamefilm, TNT713's Panthers face off against gee35056's Steelers in a hard fought game with unique scores, defensive battles, and explosive offensive plays.  The game goes back and forth, through all four quarters, until a defining moment occurs deep into the fourth.  Be sure to watch until the end to see the exciting finale to this ranked online game. 

GameFilm 17 - TNT713 vs gee35056

On the kickoff, the ball is fielded 4 yard deep in the end zone and is brought out to the 22 yard line where the Panthers will start their first drive. 

Beginning with an I-Form Close formation, we face a shifting front that closes off the middle.  An outside cut nets a small gain. 

On 2nd and 8, we use the same look, but opt for a pass play to keep our opponent guessing.  Our receiver is open, but makes a possession catch for virtually no gain. 

On 3rd and 5, we line up to throw again this time with a vertical element to draw coverage away from our intended receiver running a drag underneath for a 1st down. 

On 1st and 10, we notice that our opponent is stacking the box to take away the 1st down run threat.  we counter with an audible that sends our tight end to the flat for a gain that gets us across midfield.

On 1st and 10, we change our formation to schematically attack our opponent's 3-4 defensive front, but notice he's switched to a 5-2.  When he backs off his coverage, he gives us a soft corner to run the stretch to the left. 

On 1st and 10, we return to our I-Form base, while our opponent switches to a 46 Bear alignment.  We expect pressure.  As we setup to throw the crossing route to the tight end, a spying defender steps into the passing lane and intercepts the pass. 

Our opponent opens his first drive after the turnover with an I-Form with a player in short motion.  The run fake draws two defenders out of position in man coverage making for an easy completion to the left.

On 1st and 10, our opponent shows us a Strong I formation that outflanks us on the right side.  The back hesitates in the hole and gives our middle pressure time to drop the run for a short gain. 

On 2nd and 8, our opponent hurries to the line to catch us off guard.  We quickly audible to a 5 man pressure package, look for a pass, and drop the quarterback for a sack. 

On 3rd and 15, our opponent hurries to the line again.  This time we have ample time to audible to the same 5-man pressure with Cover 4 over the top.  We shift the line and linebackers into a 4-3 Normal look and play pass again with almost the same result. 

On 4th and 15, a fake is unlikely but still a possibility so we play man coverage.  We opt to let the kick go but it takes a Steeler bounce out of bounds deep inside our territory. 

On 1st and 10, we expect middle pressure so we run a toss to the right.  Our miscalculation turns out to be a disaster as a linebacker comes in free and clobbers our running back for a safety. 

After the safety, the free kick is fielded at the 12 and is bounced out of bounds at the 30 yard line. 

On 1st and 10, our opponent opens with a Singleback Jumbo Pair formation.  We fill in the open space to the left with our safety.  At the snap, our opponent tries to fool us with a playaction verticals play before forcing a throw to a double covered tight end. 

On 2nd and 10, our opponent uses a Shotgun Trips play to spread the field.  We setup to prevent a screen pass, but get gouged with an inside zone play that picks up 9 yards. 

To capitalize on his 2nd down success, our opponent hurries back to the line on 3rd down and repeats the inside zone run and picks up enough for the first.

Our opponent again runs hurry up to retain momentum.  This time he fakes the inside zone run and hits a receiver coming across the field against man coverage.  A broken tackle moves the ball across midfield onto our 38.     

With our defense on the ropes, our opponent keeps up the pressure to make quick adjustments.  This time the Inside Zone run is met with opposition and is dropped for a gain of only 3 yards. 

Not to be denied, our opponent hurries again.  Our decision to send pressure backfires as the blitz is picked up beautifully.  The quarterback has all the time he needs to hit his receiver and get the ball to the 15.

On his first attempt in the red zone, our opponent tries to maintain a quick tempo but is foiled by the end of the quarter. 

With the quarter break over, our defense has has had a chance to regroup.  When we see the Inside Zone run, we plug the hole and force the back to make a cut that results in a gain of just 2. 

On 2nd and goal our opponent again hurries to the line.  We shift our line in anticipation of another Inside Zone run.  Our linebacker takes away the cutback lane and we drop the runner for no gain.

On 3rd and goal we face yet another no-huddle play.  This time we opt to send pressure, with emphasis on taking away playaction and any short crossing routes.  Our opponent makes a throw to the back line to make the catch for the score. 

On the extra point attempt, we setup for a block but our opponent runs a well timed fake to earn 10 points the hard way. 

On the ensuing kickoff, our returner fields the kick and returns it to the 24 yard line. 

On 1st down, we open with a Strong I formation and notice our opponent is stacking the box with 8 defenders.  His lone deep safety is giving up a ton of space for the slant to our split end. 

We pick up the pace with a little no-huddle of our own.  We shift into a Near Close formation and gash our opponent's defense with a Fullback Dive that picks up 13 tough yards. 

Not to be outdone, we keep the party going and hurry to the line again.  This time, we audible to a Halfback Dive from the Weak I formation.  Our opponent shifts to protect the middle but still gives up 5 yards on the ground. 

Why spoil a good thing?  We hurry to the line again and audible to an I-Form pass play that gets the ball quickly to the tight end in the flat for another 1st down. 

Another successive no-huddle play on 1st and 10 finds us with a challenge as the field contracts.  Our opponent drops into a zone and takes away our initial reads.  We get the ball away in just enough time to prevent the sack. 

One 2nd and 10, we change our personnel to rest some skill players.  This Pistol Spread formation invites pressure, but no one on the defense rushes.  Our quarterback takes his time, redirects a receiver, and hits him to setup a 1st and goal from the 5. 

On 1st and goal, our Singleback Big formation faces a goal line defense.  A lack of pressure tightens the passing lanes and an ill advised pass is batted to the ground. 

On 2nd and goal we look to move the ball closer on the ground, but the defensive tackle gets too much penetration and blows up our trap play before it gets started. 

On 3rd and goal, we want to throw the ball in.  Stellar pass protection gives us the time we need, but we fail to find the running back in the left flat and force the ball into coverage. 

On 4th and goal, the only logical choice is to kick the field goal and take the points to make it a one score game. 

On the kickoff, we kick the ball deep into the end zone.  Our opponent fields the ball 7 yards deep and wisely takes a knee to bring the ball out to the 25. 

Our opponent comes back to the Singleback Jumbo Pair formation on 1st and 10.  Our blitz leaves us vulnerable to a slant, but we take the wrong angle and it's off to the races. Near the goal line our opponent tries to celebrate and laterals to the ground instead.

Looks like coach is not amused.

After the fumble, it's 1st and goal.  We face the Singleback Jumbo Pair again and defend using a zone defense.  Our opponent finds an open receiver in the middle and moves the ball to the 2 at the 2-minute warning. 

On 2nd and goal, our opponent uses the Singleback Jumbo Pair again.  We stack our linebackers and safeties in the middle to defend a run.  The back is stacked up and falls at the 1.  

Our opponent hurries, but we call timeout to regroup. 

On 3rd and goal from the 1, we prepare to defend a a FB Dive or a QB sneak.  We cover the center and pinch the line and the quarterback gets nowhere. 

Our opponent is determined to hurry and punch it in.  We call our 2nd timeout.

On 4th and goal, we defend with a goal line defense that covers all the offensive linemen and bring a linebacker into the A-gap to stop the sneak.  The sneak fails and our opponent turns the ball over on downs. 

We start our drive inside the 1 on 1st and 10.  We look over the defense and audible to a safe pass play as the defense shifts a safety deeper into the box.  Our tight end draw the attention of the outside linebacker just long enough to open a lane to complete the post. 

We hurry to the line to make our opponent uncomfortable and check the defensive formation.  We audible out of a run play and send our wide out on a streak.  He lays out and makes an amazing catch at the 37 yard line. 

On 1st and 10, we keep the pressure on with another pass play designed to attack the secondary.  Our opponent's defense is clearly effected by two straight deep passes, so we take the FB in the right flat for a 3rd straight 1st down. 

With under a minute and the clock running, we hurry to the line to preserve time and audible to an I-Form Close play that gives us two options to go vertical.  Our intended receiver takes a hit and can't secure the ball. 

On 2nd and 10 we intend to get a chunk of yards and get out of bounds.  Our opponent drops everyone into coverage and foils our plan.  We improvise, but the passing lanes are too crowded to complete the throw. 

On 3rd and 10 with 0:24 left in the half, Our opponent only sends two rushers.  We scramble for the first down and call our final timeout with 13 yards to the goal line. 

On 1st and 10 with 0:14 seconds left, we need to get to the end zone or out of bounds.  We motion our halfback to the slot and throw it to him as he reaches the sideline to move us closer and stop the clock. 

On 2nd and 7, we use the TE Post as our go-to play.  Our opponent aligns in a nickel package.  We motion our back to the slot again to put maximum stress on the coverage.  Once again, our opponent doesn't pressure the quarterback and we simply wait for a receiver to break open behind his coverage in the end zone. 

We kick the extra point to complete the comeback and tie the game with 0:02 left in the half. 

On the kickoff, we boot the ball as deep as we can.  The returner fields the ball deep in the end zone and takes a knee to conserve the half's final 2 seconds. 

On the final play of the half, our opponent uses playaction to freeze the secondary, but we are committed to the pass which creates a coverage sack.

At the half, we are tied at 10 in a tightly contested battle. 

For the second half kickoff, we kick the ball deep to the return man who takes a knee for the touchback. 

On his opening play of the 2nd half, our opponent uses a Singleback formation.  Our Wide Nickel 3-3-5 alignment leaves us outnumbered on the Stretch run. 

On 2nd and 5, our opponent hurries to the line.  A defensive audible causes an encroachment penalty that nets a 1st down.  

On 1st and 10 after the penalty, we align with the 3-3-5 Wide again, this time we move our safety to account for any runs to the right.  Our opponent misses the hole and we bring him down for short gain.

On 2nd and 8, we expect another no-huddle play from our opponent.  On a hunch, we pass commit in preparation for playaction and generate just enough pressure to cause an overthrow. 

On 3rd and 8, our opponent uses a Shotgun Bunch Quads formation that places 4 receivers right of center.  we counter with a Cover 4 zone defense that gives up the pass to the middle. 

True to form, our opponent hurries to the line on 1st and 10.  We audible to a blitz play to that generates pressure, and gets a hit on the quarterback, but leaves our safety in man coverage with no help. 

For the extra point, we line up to protect against another fake field goal with a 5-2 defense.  Our opponent wisely kicks the ball to go ahead 17-10. 

On the kickoff, our opponent kicks short to the 17 yard line.  Our return man fields the ball cleanly and carries it back to the 33. 

We start our drive 1st and 10 with run play in mind, but our opponent is aligned to stop us.  We audible to a pass play and hit the slot receiver on a drag route to pick up 7. 

On 2nd and 3, we use a Strong I Close formation and audible to a HB Dive play to attack the bubble in the defense's.  Our opponent shifts his nose tackle just before the snap and we are only able to pick up 2 yards. 

On 3rd and 1, we convert with a QB sneak play. 

On 1st and 10, our opponent is poised to blitz the A-gap, so we look for the blitz and get the ball to our hot receiver in the flat for a quick gain of 6. 

On 2nd and 4, we hurry to the line.  We anticipate our opponent will blitz again so we change the play to give us two hot reads.  The defense drops one blitzer into coverage, but leaves the slant open. 

On 1st and 10, we return to our base I-Form look.  The defense shows an 8 man front, but the safety is 4 yards outside the tight end.  We motion the flanker to run a stretch to the right for a nice pickup before getting bumped out of bounds. 

On 1st and 10, we setup to go vertical.  our opponent drops into a Cover 3 defense and we miss an opportunity to get the ball to our tight end in the right flat as the rush drops us for a sack. 

On 2nd and 16, We look to pick up some of the yardage we just lost.  Our first read is the split end on the left, but a linebacker steps in to undercut our route.  We fire a pass to the FB running an angle route to move the sticks. 

On 1st and 10, we use an I-Form Tight formation.  The Mesh concept is meant to disrupt man coverage, but our opponent stays in zone so we drop the ball to the flanker for a short gain to the left.

On 2nd and 8, we line up to notice our opponent is defending with a goal line formation just as the 3rd quarter comes to a close. 

To start the 4th quarter, our opponent switches to a 4-4 alignment.  We run an HB Toss play to the short side of the field that picks up three yards. 

On 3rd and 5, we use a Pistol Spread formation to stress the defensive coverage.  At the snap, the middle is open but we throw the ball a split second late and our receiver has a tough time holding on after the hit.

On 4th and 5, we make a decision to go for the 1st down.  We use a Singleback Jumbo formation to show run but our opponent isn't buying it.  He pass commits to avoid biting on playaction and knocks down a prayer to our receiver in the flat.

After the turnover on downs, our opponent is backed up in his own territory.  At the snap, a playaction fake makes our linebackers cheat up, but our deep defenders play thier position and knock the ball away on the deep throw.

On 2nd and 10, we se the same formation except the fullback is motioned to the left wing.   Our Nickel 3-3-5 Wide plugs all the gaps and the runner is brought down at the 6 for no gain. 

On 3rd and 10, our opponent comes back to the Shotgun Bunch Quads formation.  This time, we have a defender reading the play in the middle.  At the snap, our opponent makes the right read, and makes the catch, but fights for more yards.  A broken tackle forces him backward where his forward progress cant return him to the line of gain. 

On 4th and 6, our opponent lines up to punt.  His earlier fake for the 2 point conversion put us on alert.  We line up for a fake to be safe. Once the kick is away, we see the punt coverage is bearing down so we call a fair catch.  

On 1st and 10 we line up in a Singleback Big formation to run a stretch play to the short side of the field.  Our opponent has the line stacked in the middle of the field with little defense on the left.  We carefully setup the blockers and make the last defender miss before taking it to the house. 

We kick the extra point to tie the game at 17 with 3:36 left to play. 

On the kickoff, we boot the ball 4 yards deep in the end zone and the returner brings it out to the 23.

On 1st and 10, our opponent lines up in a Singleback Jumbo Pair formation.  We counter with a 5 man rush play with 4 deep coverage.  We are caught off guard by play that burns us for 12 on the ground.

On 1st and 10, our opponent resumes his no-huddle offensive.  In anticipation of a playaction fake, we pass commit to get the proper zone depth.  The quarterback has a clear path to the left, but sees an open receiver and attempts to throw across his body toward the middle. 

On 2nd and 10, our opponent sticks with the Singleback Jumbo Pair formation.  We again play cover 4 with a 5 man pressure scheme underneath.  Our opponent finds a hole in our coverage and hits his receiver on a slant for a gain of 11. 

On 2nd and 10, we persist in playing cover 4 with 5 man pressure.  Our opponent again runs playaction from the Singleback Jumbo Pair formation.  This time, our undercoverage flows with the tight end across the field and deflects the pass. 

On 3rd and 10, our opponent migrates back to the Shotgun Bunch Quads formation.  This time, we anticipate pass and force a high throw that we easily knock loose while the receiver is in the air. 

With 2:19 left in the game We are in position to take control as our opponent lines up to punt.  The kick sails into the end zone for a touchback.

On 1st and 10, we open our drive with a 4WR set against our opponent's Nickel Normal.  We read Cover 3 presnap and buy time before firing a moon shot to our slot receiver running through the deep middle. 

After the 2-minute warning we look to run some time off the clock with a Read Option play that is met in the backfield by a host of defenders. 

On 2nd and 11, we take the play clock down before running another stretch play to the short side of the field.  Our tight end provides the seal on the linebacker that allows our back to get around the edge for a gain of 13.

On 1st and 10, we line up in the Singleback Big formation again.  Our opponent, wary of the stretch play, begins to move his linebackers out to the flanks which serves to soften up the middle of his run defense.  We take the clock down and pick up 4 on a dive play.  Our opponent calls his first timeout.  

On 2nd and 6, the stretch play isn't nearly as effective at picking up yards, but it serves a purpose by forcing our opponent to burn another timeout.  

On 3rd and 8, we line up in a I-Form Twin formation to decoy our opponent's coverage away from the stretch play to the right that picks up 6 yards and forces our opponent to use his final timeout.

On 4th and 2, we line up for a quarterback sneak.  We only intend to snap the ball if there is a gap to run in the middle.  Success!  We were able to draw a defender offside to earn a 1st down on the penalty.   

On 1st and goal, our opponent is expecting a quarterback sneak.  We wait for him to stack the box and run the strong toss around the edge instead for the go ahead touchdown. 

We kick the extra point to go up 24-17 with 0:17 left in the game.

We kick the ball deep to the returner, who takes a knee for the touchback. 

Our opponent has a 1st and 10 from the 25 with 0:17 left in the game and no timeouts remaining.  We defend using Quarters personnel, pass commit, and give the receivers a big cushion.  Despite it all, a receiver gets behind the defense, makes the catch, and runs in for the touchdown. 

The game tying extra point sails through after the unlikely touchdown toss. 

Our opponent kicks the ball deep to our returner who begins to run it out, then changes his tune and instead takes a knee for the touchback. 

On 1st and 10 with 0:09 left in regulation, we aim at running two plays.  On the first play we take aim at our all-pro tight end to make the catch and get to the sideline but he is tackled in bounds.  We call a timeout to stop the clock with 0:03 left. 

On 1st and 10, we call for a Hail Mary pass with Trips to the right.  Just as pressure is about to hit the quarterback we throw up a prayer.  It's caught by the fastest player on the field and he runs in for the game winner with no time left on the clock. 

We end the game with an extra point attempt that makes the final score 31-24 in an exciting matchup that saw 21 points scored in the final minute. 

The moral to the game:  Take nothing for granted, and never give up hope.

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