Join MaddenUniversity as we celbrate 20 years serving the Madden community

We're turning 20 this year!  Our website launched to the public on August 12, 2003 and we have been providing information on strategies, communities, and competition for fans of the Madden NFL series from EA Sports ever since. We're relaunching soon with the best features we've ever had:

STRATEGIES - Hundreds of articles and videos
COMMUNITIES - Dozens of commentaries, interviews, and madden sites
COMPETITION - Contests, tournaments, leagues, online

The new and improved will feature a new skill based system where we can find tips best suited.  We're in the process of making our hundreds of articles and video content better, shorter, more relevant to Madden players on consoles that play competitively.  We emphasize game play, user skill, and easy translation of football tactics and techniques to the virtual gridiron. 

That's not all!  Learn more about how is changing to help Madden players enjoy their game play experience!

We've been doing what some said could not be done for 2 decades.  Our Founder, TNT713, has been playing Madden since it debuted on Sega Genesis in the early 90's.  An avid football enthusiast, TNT713 hasn't run a play from shotgun in almost 2 decades.  His specialty is using the foundation of strategy X's and O's football on a game controller in the Madden environment and getting banned from websites for expecting. 


Check out how our content is formatted to meet Madden players at our own skill levels




ROOKIE 100-199

Basic football information 

  • Rules of Football
  • Player Positions
  • Common Terms


Basic Madden information 

  • Basic User Techniques
  • Good Practice Habits
  • Applied Football Concepts


Advanced Madden information

  • Advanced User Techniques
  • Basic Madden Tactics
  • Applied Football Concepts
EXPERT 400-499

Expert Madden information

  • Expert Madden Techniques
  • Psychological Edge
  • Applied Football Concepts 


Our features are designed for to find exactly what we need quickly regardless of what our opponents are doing.  We base on the building block of any strategy, based on football principles of personnel, position, and tempo to get the right players to the right place at the right time. 

There's more!

NEW POINT SYSTEM uses a unique points system to encourage members to participate.  Members get points for contributing to our Community.  Points are awarded for virtually every interaction with our content. Get points for:

      • Starting a Forum Topic
      • Reading an Article
      • Watching a Video
      • Posting a Comment
      • Liking Content
      • Much more...

Use points for exclusive apparel and goodies!


COACH, TNT713, and REF will guide us through our mission to help improve win percentages, meet Madden players, and moderate the spirit of competition. 

STRATEGIES COACH Scours Film, breaks down technique, builds game plans
COMMUNITIES TNT713 Plays Madden, connects with other players, provides commentary to the community
COMPETITION REF Officiates competitions, enforces rules, ensures for fairness

Members can expect new videos, shorter articles, and a new university-like numbering system that lets us be precise in what they improve based on our current skill level.  We can easily focus on the skills we need, without wasting time on the ones we don't.  Each character has his own focus during games and may get animated depending on what happens on the field.