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Are you looking for like minded Madden players?

MaddenUniversity not only prepares players strategically, we get them ready mentally for the rigors of online play.  Our Communities section blends Simulation, Tournament, Freestyle, or STR8 philosophies from interviews and commentaries that blur the lines and shift the conversation from finger-pointing to understanding the key fundamentals of the game. 

Our Founder, TNT713 relates years of Madden experience facing random challengers and relates the most to the important facets of football gaming - PLAN AND PLAY TO WIN.  Whether you play for money or for fun, MaddenUniversity can connect you with all types of players.


  • Talk to Madden players from many walks of life
  • Analyze the decisions of Madden players
  • Discover personalities in the Madden community


  • Sound off on topics relevant to Madden players
  • Broadcast controversies in the Madden community
  • Debate issues facing Madden players


  • Share experiences with MaddenUniversity members
  • Connect with players about teams, tactics, and techniques
  • Get advice to improve your game time performance


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