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Strategies, Communities & Competition to WIN games NOW!

Why MaddenUniversity? has been a trusted member of the Madden community since August 2003 and is different from other Madden websites because we give you more chances to WIN.    If that isn't enough, our articles, forums, and videos offer tips that improve your performance and give you the upper hand every time you pick up the sticks.


What can I expect from MaddenUniversity?

Easy...  We're All-Madden all the time!  Unlike websites that try to cover every sports and battle game, we stick with Madden 100%.  MaddenUniversity connects you to the best strategies, communities, and competition for the Madden NFL series.  Everything does is meant to enhance your enjoyment, preparation, and execution when you play Madden. 

Our Strategies section prepares you for your next opponent.

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Special Teams
  • Game Planning

Sample articles in the Strategies section:

Win With Bad Quarterbacks

Forcing Fumbles

Going for Three

Using a Call Sheet

Our Communities section connects you to players from all over the Madden map.

  • Interviews
  • Commentary
  • Forums
  • Madden Links

Sample features in the Communities section:

ShopMaster from

10 Steps to Madden Bliss

MaddenUniversity Forums

Our Competition section gives you the opportunity to become a champion.

  • Online
  • Tournaments
  • Rules
  • NFL Links

Sample features in the Competition section:

Ranked Online vs EddieDagod23

MaddenUniversity Tournaments

MaddenUniversity Tournament Rules

NFL Links



Need more reasons?

Wanna Start Winning Madden Games Now?

MaddenUniversity is eager to help.  Our Strategies section plugs you into tools that get you winning now and helps you develop habits to keep your streaks going.  We help build a solid foundation by focusing on the skills that matter most, so you won't have to start from scratch every year when Madden comes drops.   Everything we do is geared toward enhancing your football gaming experience. 


  • Read defenses and complete passes all over the field
  • Run the ball based on the defensive fronts
  • Block with tactics that open holes and create passing lanes


  • Pinpoint weaknesses in offensive formations to maximize your pass rush
  • Learn to pick up patterns and limit options for your opponent
  • Keep no-huddle offenses off balance with quick audibles and manual movement

Special Teams

  • Setup kick and punt blocking to burst through for the longest returns
  • Play for field position with a solid punt game
  • Kick on disappointing drives to keep piling on the points

Game Planning

  • Save time at practice while preparing for game time situations
  • Build customized playbooks for offense and defense
  • Manage the clock like a seasoned professional


Still need more?

Are you looking for like minded Madden players?

MaddenUniversity not only prepares players strategically, we get them ready mentally for the rigors of online play.  Our Communities section blends Simulation, Tournament, Freestyle, or STR8 philosophies from interviews and commentaries that blur the lines and shift the conversation from finger-pointing to understanding the key fundamentals of the game. 

Our Founder, TNT713 relates years of Madden experience facing random challengers and relates the most to the important facets of football gaming - PLAN AND PLAY TO WIN.  Whether you play for money or for fun, MaddenUniversity can connect you with all types of players.


  • Talk to Madden players from many walks of life
  • Analyze the decisions of Madden players
  • Discover personalities in the Madden community


  • Sound off on topics relevant to Madden players
  • Broadcast controversies in the Madden community
  • Debate issues facing Madden players


  • Share experiences with MaddenUniversity members
  • Connect with players about teams, tactics, and techniques
  • Get advice to improve your game time performance


Still need more?

Want to play Madden at a higher level?

MaddenUniversity features a Competition section that provides Madden players with many opportunities to compete and become champions.  We've hosted 14 tournaments in three states and awarded more than $8500 in cash and prizes.  Our Tip of the Month contest gives you an opportunity WIN cash and apparel for sending in tips.


  • Watch videos of online ranked games
  • Track strategic trends online
  • Reminisce with videos dating back to Madden NFL 25


  • Test your skills against the best Madden players
  • Participate in tournament events for cash and prizes
  • Chronicle results with exclusive online standings system


  • Create rule sets for your game play preferences
  • Make gaming choices based on the style of play
  • Learn rule changes that effect Madden play

I'm ready to battle the best. CREATE MY ACCOUNT!

Still need more?

How much will a MaddenUniversity account cost?

MaddenUniversity could charge several hundred dollars for the services we provide, but you work hard for your money.  Unlike most sites where your FREE account opens basic tips as a teaser while the good stuff is hidden unless you pay for a subscription, signing up for a MaddenUniversity account is absolutely FREE and grants full access to everything we offer. 

We are staffed by dedicated individuals with our sole purpose of enhancing your enjoyment of playing, preparing, and winning Madden games. 

If you don't charge for memberships, how does MaddenUniversity stay in business?

For more than 16 years MaddenUniversity was financed by our Founder, TNT713, as a service to the Madden community.  While we charge entry fees for tournament events with guaranteed cash prizes regardless of turnout, all of our site's articles and resources are absolutely FREE to our members. 

Furthermore, MaddenUniversity protects your privacy and NEVER sells your personal information to anyone for any reason. 

What are you waiting for? 

Maybe you're the best Madden player on your block.  But the Madden world is much bigger than your block.  Or even your neighborhood.  Sooner or later, you're going to face an overwhelming challenge.  Don't throw another controller?  Don't rage quit a any more games?  Don't waste any more hours learning cheap exploits that will be obsolete in the next title patch?  Don't spend another dollar at Madden sites that tell you how to run a handful of plays. 

Today is the day to change your Madden game for the better.   When you're ready MaddenUniversity, the longest continuosly operating Madden site on earth, will be FREE for members to find the Strategies, Communities, and Competition that make Madden the best selling sports franchise in the United States.


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