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The right playbook in the hands of a skilled player that can effectively run the schemes is a recipe that is hard for opponents to swallow.  One of the most important game plan choices Madden NFL 19 players make is deciding which playbook they will use to dominate their opponents.  Savvy players sometimes opt to build their own.  In our video, we step through building a custom playbook from beginning to end so you can step onto the field with a game ready playbook.  In addition to building a playbook, we show players how to streamline this process so they can build future playbooks without again completing the initial steps. 

When Madden players boot up the XBox, Playstation, or PC this year, they are faced with an important decision - which playbook?  No matter which playbook we select, there are bound to be dozens, if not hundreds, of plays that will never see the light of day in a game.  Virtually no one uses every play in any of the default playbooks.  So why spend so much time searching through playbooks to find the best blend of plays, when it's so easy to build a game-ready playbook in less time than it takes to scan every playbook on the game? 

In this tutorial video we walk Madden players thru choosing a base play, and creating a bare-bones playbook they can use to create any scheme they want.  Once saved, this bare-bones playbook can be the building block to create any number of playbooks that players can use in game and tweak to their liking throughout the Madden NFL 19 season. 

First Step:  Find your MUST HAVE play and lock it in 

In our video we use an oldie-but-goodie from the Singleback: Dice Slot set.  We've used our play, TE Post, for a number of years and it's effectiveness has given TNT713 a comfort level in a number of situations.  For TNT, it is a MUST HAVE so we use it as our base play.  So we use the "My Gameplan" feature to lock in our base play to eliminate the possibility of mistaken deletion.  We then remove the rest of the plays in the playbook a set at a time until our base play (and maybe a play in the Conserve Time situation) is the only play remaining.  This will be the Bare-Bones starting point.

Second Step:  Save a Bare-Bones playbook

Once the Bare-Bones playbook is completely empty (barring our base play) be sure to save it BEFORE adding any new plays.  Save your Bare-Bones playbook with a name you aren't tempted to use like DONTUSE.  Once saved, you won't need to complete the first two steps again.  You can begin adding plays immediately by selecting your Bare-Bones playbook from the Edit Off or Edit Def menus. 

Third Step:  Begin building your playbook

This is the part where planning is more important.  Adding plays without planning will result in a playbook that may contain all of plays you want, but without being organized.  So lets go over a few things you need to know before adding plays:

  • During games, plays are displayed with 3 plays each on the ENHANCED play call interface
  • Plays are displayed in the same order they are added when you build your playbook
  • Consider adding at least one run and one pass play to each panel

One playbook building strategy is to select one run play and one pass with each panel, but particularly to select complimentary groups of plays of a similar scheme for a single panel.  For instance, if there is a HB Power run play with a man in motion and a PA HB POWER play with the same pre-snap motion, be sure to add those plays to the same panel of three plays.  Doing so will help maintain mystery in situations where a head-to-head opponent may be eyeballing your play selections.  Instead of guessing your play based on the playcall screen, opponents won't know which play is coming until the ball is handed off or not. 

Continue adding plays from formations and sets, being sure to add plays in multiples of three to fill out each play panel.  Adding plays in numbers that are not multiples of three will leave one panel with blank spaces that give opponents a better chance to guess your play. 

Fourth Step:  Choose audibles for each set

Once you have selected all the plays for your playbook, the next step is to pick your audibles for each formation and set.  Click R1 for Playstation or RB for XBox to move to the "Audibles" menu.  In the menu in the middle portion of the screen lists each formation and set.  Select any set to see the current audibles available for that set.  To change an audible, hit X for PlayStation or A on XBox and choose which audible you want to change.  When the available plays appear, one more click will replace the current audible with your selected play. 

It is recommended that players use a conventional approach to choosing which buttons activate audibles to make calling them easier come game time. By placing similar types of plays, say inside runs, at a particular button as a matter of policy, it will be easy to know where that audible is in any formation. 

We also recommend that players select varied types of audibles, such as: one run, one short pass, one deep pass, and a play-action pass on offense and one blitz, one man coverage, one zone coverage, and one deep pass coverage on defense.  Once selected as an audible, we also recommend that players NEVER choose any of the selected audibles from the play-call screen.  Doing so limits the available options in a hurry-up situation. 

Fifth Step:  Save your playbook with a new name

Once built, all that needs to be done is to save the playbook with a new name.  DO NOT OVERWRITE THE BARE-BONES PLAYBOOK.  Once saved, you'll only need to change your playbook in pre-game Advanced Settings or head to the master settings menu and change to your new playbook. 

During the year, you may want to change your playbook as your repertoire grows or as game trends evolve.  Simply tweak your playbook or build a new one from scratch. 


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