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Madden players never want running backs to fumble.


There's never a good time to fumble. Madden NFL players know that maintaining possession wins football games; while putting the ball on the ground is a quick way to lose. Running the ball might seem the best method to maintain control of the rock, but a hard hit could jar the ball loose and change the game. Covering the ball helps, but even it's effect is minimized late in the game when fatigue is a factor. This tip, sent in by legacy member "MaveDork" details a simple way to manage player fatigue while making fumbles harder to force in the late quarters.

TNT713 Panthers have reeled off a string of four razor thin wins by correcting mistakes in the 4th quarter. Blunts2Bottles Browns puts the streak in jeopardy when a slight mistake turns the tide.

TNT713 Panthers hit a wall against Datdude299 Cowboys in a game that comes down to the final second. Both teams are able to light up the scoreboard, but only one can come out a victor.

Playing Madden NFL 20 can be frustrating when things don't go your way.  sirSuavealot found out the hard way as what began as a good game against TNT713 turned just when the 49ers were pressing to score. TNT713 Panthers new offensive scheme challenges sirSuavalot 49ers in a back and forth game until a big play sparks the 2nd rage quit to extend that ever important win streak.

When the going gets tough, the lightweights throw in the towel.  In this game of Madden NFL 20, NOELBeastTheG_AT makes some head scratching decisions on 4th down and a mile.  When his plays aren't getting the job done, he tucks tail and runs; but not before the Panthers light him up for a touchdown pass.  Check out the video!

Sometimes Madden games make you want to quit. In this game of Madden NFL 20 TNT713 Panthers are taking such a beating from Lions_Den27 Browns, that TNT713 starts calling timeouts like the half is ending, when it's still the 1st quarter. Can he claw back into the game and earn a victory?

TNT713 Panthers battle BoodaSnow32 Ravens and must fight off one of the best scrambling quarterbacks in the Madden NFL 20. We had to dust off some techniques to Descramble the Quarterback to keep from losing the edge in a game that comes down to the wire.

Madden games that become defensive struggles magnify every mistake make each phase of the game especially important.  Our game against Tomtomknows Rams had TNT713 Panthers gritting his teeth until the bitter end.

A subscriber wanted to know how to use custom playbooks in Franchise mode in Madden NFL 20. 

For a tutorial on how to build a customized playbook, see the video below:


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