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A defensive struggle from beginning to end made touchdowns tough to come by.  TNT713 Panthers fight against DarKnightPrince_ Vikings and seem to find ways to get in their own way.  This game features a Viking scheme that blends power and deception to keep TNT713 on his toes.  Each play becomes more and more important in a tight game that comes down to the wire. 

In this edition of GamePlan, Justvibe123's Steelers test TNT713's Panthers in a game that comes down to the final seconds.   Just when there seemed to be no hope, lightning strikes and makes any forgone conclusions of victory an afterthought.  Check out this game that goes back and forth until the very end with a few twists that make the ending unforgettable. 

Every Madden game presents a challenge.  In this edition of GameFilm, TNT713's Panthers face off against 0moneyy's Falcons and find ourselves behind the eight ball TWICE at the end of the half.  Both teams refuse to give up and this game comes down to the last play.  Check out the video!

The longer two opponents play mistake free football, the more critical each mistake becomes.  In today's edition of GameFilm, TNT713's Panthers face off against wakeboystyle420's Seahawks in a defensive struggle in which neither team can gain the upper hand until a mistake in overtime ends the game.  Check out the video!

The lesson in every game isn't always apparent, but this game has a glaring morale.  In this edition of GameFilm, pclayallday10 brings his Redskin team to meet TNT713's Panthers for a low scoring hard hitting knock-down drag-out that sees both teams fighting for every inch.  Filled with plays we want to take back, one in particular, haunts the loser.  Be sure to watch until the end to find the valuable lesson of the game. 

This episode features the TNT713's Panthers fighting against dennis2765's Cowboys in a battle that goes down to the very last play.  Tightly contested for the duration, be sure to watch this one for the dramatic and surprising ending.

When things go bad, they can go very bad.  This episode of GameFilm features XxCALI_BOY_619xX's Chargers against TNT713's Panthers in a game for the ages.  Hit with a rash of mistakes early that put the Panthers in a deep hole, TNT battles back and takes the game to the wire.  Check out this episode for the full game.

We step into our second ranked online game of Madden NFL 18 with a little swagger earned after shutting out our opponent in a 31-0 mauling of the Cowboys.  Our Panthers keep pounding in the second game against dmothegreat's Falcon team.  Check out this edition of GameFilm. 

The first ranked online game of Madden is always the toughest, especially after a long layoff at the end of the previous year.  In this first foray into Madden NFL 18, TNT713's Panthers face off against RayHitz96's Cowboys in AT&T Stadium for a battle against another first timer.  Check out this video for a look at how this year started out. 


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