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Our 2nd installment of Game Film for the Madden NFL 16 season features an amazing comeback.  A plethora of silly mistakes placed the Panthers in a hole that required a total team effort to prevail.  The Giants built a huge lead after scoring 28 unanswered points in a 4-minute span to apply serious pressure.  Watch the game and be amazed!

Divided by half, each 720p HD video features original music, commentary, and play art for TNT713's Panthers.  Jump in to find out how this amazing comeback plays out.


In this episode of Game Film, we see the Kansas City Chiefs fighting against the Carolina Panthers in an epic defensive battle where neither team can seem to get, maintain, and keep the upper hand.  Scores are tough to come by as each team takes calculated risks to control the ball.  Just as soon as the game turns, momentum shifts, then shifts again.  Until the victor rises in a game that comes down to the final play.  Check out the full game video...


In this episode of Game Film, TNT713 is locked in a battle with an opponent with a quick strike offense that puts up some quick scores while forcing some key mistakes that keep the game in doubt until the very end.  Check out the video!


In this episode of Game Film from Madden NFL 16, TNT713's Carolina Panthers square off with Ob-WuN's Buffalo Bills in battle of punches and counter-punches.  Neither team can seem to hold maintain a grip on the lead and the game sees several tie scores that last until the very end.  As the action unfolds, key moments increase in intensity and culminate in surprise ending. 


Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers fight hard against the Baltimore Ravens.  Captured on release day, my opponent and I both seemed to be tinkering with the new features and functions and adjusting to the way players move.  Defensive coverage seemed to be the biggest adjustment as the remainder of the game came second nature. 

Check out the first of many Madden NFL 25 videos in the Game Film library!


Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers find themselves down to the high octane Broncos early. Mistake after mistake negated point opportunities as my offense did more harm than good.  Fortunately, my defense bent but didn't break and kept me within striking distance so minor adjustments could get me back in the game.

Watch the full game to see how a strange special teams mishap effected the game in this edition of GAME FILM.

A new Madden season is upon us and that means getting on the sticks, matching wits, and kicking @$$.  Check out this game between iGreenonGod Saints and TNT713 Panthers.  Who will kickoff the season with a win as we begin a new season of GameFilm.

Official Tournament Rules

These rules will be used for all officially sponsored Madden tournament events, online and offline, with all items enforced whenever possible.  Differences between online and offline events, where possible, are noted.  Wherever online and offline event eventualities occur, tournament official judgements are final. 

Madden changes every year, but some things remain constant like the thrill of the competition that drives players to keep playing year after year. To celebrate our rich diversity,'s Community Spotlight wants to offer our gratitude to players to work tirelessly to enhance the Madden experience for others. This Spotlight features Raymond Goode, aka Shopmaster from  where Madden players can find a social network of Madden players or unique team league style game play.


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