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TNT713 Panthers match up against an opponent who is ranked 1299 (after the game) and runs a clinic on Creepfastkilla24's 49er team.  The dangers of executing plays as they are posted on YouTube are illustrated early as our opponent blindly throws two pick sixes within moments of the opening kickoff.  The ultimate result is a quick whoopin that ends shortly after halftime.  Check out the video?

Getting into hot water early in a game is a recipe for disaster, but it presents a unique opportunity to make miracles happen.  In this game, TNT713 Panthers fall behind at home to MathisThanielKOV's 49er team that seems to have the upper hand until the final few moments of the game.  Check it out!

Coming off a loss, TNT713 Panthers are looking for redemption against PScott_34 Bills.  A few moments into the first half set the tone for domination.  We use defensive concept that makes a debut in this game that keeps our opponent on his toes.  Ultimately the pressure builds to a crescendo until our opponents reaches his breaking point and can't take anymore.  Check out the video!

Quickest Madden rage quit of the year - TNT713 vs xDaManx256 Bengals

It's not odd for Madden players to quit when things aren't going their way.  In fact, most Madden players can expect anywhere between 25-50% of their wins to come from rage quitters.  But it is odd for an opponent to bug out before halftime.  Even more rare for them to quit before the first minute...  In this game xDaManx256 rages out and pulls the plug faster than anyone in 14 years.  Check it out!

The developers at EA Sports are constantly listening to Madden NFL 18 players.  Periodically, but not often, those interactions are met with title updates that directly address a particular community concern in such a way that it becomes a game changer.  This one is so monumental, we are making our first ever report on a Madden NFL title update.

  TNT713 Panthers and ERock0369's Seahawks battle from beginning to end in a defensive struggle where touchdowns are tough to come by.  The stalemate ends in dramatic fashion with a goal line stand and a 97 yard drive in the final seconds.  Check out the video!

A ranked online game of Madden NFL 18 featuring the TNT713's Panthers against LonZig's Steelers in a tight battle that comes down to the final seconds with neither team gaining the upper hand until the end.  Early big plays pressure TNT to upgrade his defense to keep from being blown out in this "Get Right Game." 

Madden ranked online games test our mettle and our common sense.  In today's game, TNT713's Panthers are on the road against o6halo's Eagles in a battle of wits that comes down to red zone efficiency.  A key decision in by the Eagles in the beginning of the game remains relevant until the final gun.  Check out the video to see what happens. 

Every Madden game comes with a valuable lesson; some more easily gathered than others.  Today, when all seems lost don't give up.  Our opponent pharoeezy Bills jump out to an early lead and maintain it until after the 2-minute warning of the 2nd half.  TNT713 Panthers scramble, and manage to put 17 points on the board to pull out a miracle win.  Check out the video!


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