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Since Madden is never perfect right out of the box, it gets periodic tweaks in the form of title updates throughout the year in a process that is the result of feedback from multiple communities.  Thanks to the players, the development team at EA Tiburon studios knows where to devote resources and what changes to make.  This update marks the first of what is likely to be many for Madden NFL 19.  Read more for the full details:

In our first game of Madden NFL 19, we made it a point to use our custom playbook from our first video of the year Building a Custom Playbook in Madden NFL 19.  Our playbook consisting of only 36 plays forces us to be disciplined in our play calling on offense.  An early mistake puts the Panthers back against the wall.  Check out the video and see how this game turns out.

The right playbook in the hands of a skilled player that can effectively run the schemes is a recipe that is hard for opponents to swallow.  One of the most important game plan choices Madden NFL 19 players make is deciding which playbook they will use to dominate their opponents.  Savvy players sometimes opt to build their own.  In our video, we step through building a custom playbook from beginning to end so you can step onto the field with a game ready playbook.  In addition to building a playbook, we show players how to streamline this process so they can build future playbooks without again completing the initial steps. 

Madden NFL 19 Announcement


The wait is over for Madden NFL fans!  Well...  Not quite.  EA Sports has announced the release date for Madden NFL 19 as well as this year's cover athlete and a glimpse into new features.  We can expect an onslaught of information to stream from a variety of sources over the next few months as we approach the NFL season. 

A Madden NFL 18 online ranked game between TNT713 Panthers and mueller11b Vikings

I always record my Madden NFL games, so I can scout my performance and correct silly mistakes that lose games I should win.  In this episode, I face mueller11b Vikings after a prolonged losing streak where I should have won.  Check out this video to see if I make a silly mistake to give the game away. 

A Madden NFL 18 online ranked game between TNT713 Panthers and Cutthroat_Zbo Bears

Madden rage quits are a reality of online ranked games. In this game, our poor opponent, Cutthroat_Zbo, can't seem to get out of his own way until he sidesteps the game entirely. 

Madden NFL 18 March 19th Title Update

The Madden NFL 18 development team has released another title update on March 19, 2018.  This small update patches an exploit that allowed players using this years new Target Passing system to throw a pass to one receiver and manually have another receiver in the same area catch the ball. 

Madden NFL 18 has a questionable weak box logic that results in frequent and multiple pancake blocks.

Madden players might not be ready to throw a championship parade down main street, but maybe they should start planning one.  In an EA Blog dealing with Madden Mechanics: Blocking introducing changes for Madden NFL 18, developers addressed a long used controversial tactic of defending run heavy formations with pass defense personnel packages a "running vs weak box."   With an Madden NFL 18 Title Patch fans of competitive game play brought some sense to a poor decision to appease players that play Madden for fun. 

Mistakes in Madden are inevitable, but some mistakes are just boneheaded. In this game, a tight score between TNT713 Panthers and DaKidCardio Jaguars magnifies an error and hands the game to the victor.  Notice TNT713's reaction in the final minutes.  Check out the video.


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