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Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers find themselves down to the high octane Broncos early. Mistake after mistake negated point opportunities as my offense did more harm than good.  Fortunately, my defense bent but didn't break and kept me within striking distance so minor adjustments could get me back in the game.

Watch the full game to see how a strange special teams mishap effected the game in this edition of GAME FILM.

Madden NFL 25 Game Film #2 - Panthers vs Broncos

  • 2:01 - Broncos break scoreless tie to go up 3-0
  • 2:47 - INT puts Broncos in control of ball with good field position
  • 3:02 - Broncos capitalize on great field position to go up 10-0
  • 4:00 - Panthers 4th and 1 attempt on their side of the 50
  • 5:31 - Panthers FG attempt to get on the board
  • 7:33 - Broncos 4th and Goal attempt with time running out in the 1st half
  • 8:51 - Panthers 4th and 1 attempt down 10-0
  • 10:55 - Panthers finally get on the board with a TD pass to Steve Smith
  • 13:31 - Broncos attempt to extend lead with a 37 yd FG
  • 14:08 - Panthers break a short pass for a long gain to setup go-ahead score 14-10
  • 15:08 - Broncos begin last drive with 1:23 left to play to get into FG range...

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