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Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers fight hard against the Baltimore Ravens.  Captured on release day, my opponent and I both seemed to be tinkering with the new features and functions and adjusting to the way players move.  Defensive coverage seemed to be the biggest adjustment as the remainder of the game came second nature. 

Check out the first of many Madden NFL 25 videos in the Game Film library!

  • 1:11 - TE Post Route for big gain to setup score
  • 3:17 - Sack to setup 53 yd FG
  • 5:05 - 4th and inches from 31 yd line to setup score
  • 6:32 - Cam Newton scrambles for 1st down
  • 7:28 - Cam Newton scrambles for TD at end of 1st half
  • 8:36 - Flacco throws INT
  • 9:39 - Deangelo Williams displays some shifty moves to setup a TD
  • 12:07 - Ravens cap drive with Flacco TD pass and 2pt attempt

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