Playing Madden NFL 20 can be frustrating when things don't go your way.  sirSuavealot found out the hard way as what began as a good game against TNT713 turned just when the 49ers were pressing to score. TNT713 Panthers new offensive scheme challenges sirSuavalot 49ers in a back and forth game until a big play sparks the 2nd rage quit to extend that ever important win streak.

The Panthers' first drive puts some stress on sirSuavealot's defense, but TNT713 can't seem to break the big play until Cam Newton makes a play that makes a statement the 49er defense must respect for the reset of the game.  The 49ers, in turn, basically finish the half with a patient march down the field for a score of their own.

In the 2nd half the 49er defense makes play after play, forcing TNT713's offense to fight out of a few 3rd and long situations.  Chunk plays on the money down extend TNT713's drives and keep sirSuavealot's defense on the field.  One final strike lights up the scoreboard for the second Panther touchdown.

As the 4th quarter begins, the 49ers are methodically driving downfield when a big play excites the visiting fans in the stands.  As the Niners reach the redzone, a touchdown saving tackle is all that keeps the game from being tied.  Then the lights in the stadium go dark...