Sometimes Madden games make you want to quit. In this game of Madden NFL 20 TNT713 Panthers are taking such a beating from Lions_Den27 Browns, that TNT713 starts calling timeouts like the half is ending, when it's still the 1st quarter. Can he claw back into the game and earn a victory?

Lions_Den27 catches TNT713 slipping in the 1st quarter and puts up 21 points before the Panthers can blink.  Most players would quit; but TNT713 isn't most players.  He immediately begins waging his comeback attempt with a valiant drive that ends with a touchdown to begin the uphill climb. 

In the 2nd quarter the Panthers put up a better effort; matching scores with the Browns.  After a bad start, the TNT713 goes into the locker room at the half staring at a 14 point deficit. 

As the Panthers receive the 2nd half kickoff, there are no illusions about what must be done.  They must score on every possession to earn this victory. 

Watch the video until the end to see if TNT713 completes the comeback!