If you're a fan of scoring football, this is the game for you.  TNT713 and EddieDagod23 go back and forth in frenzied fashion, lighting up the scoreboard in a hurry because both defenses took the night off.  All touchdowns, but don't blink or you might miss three.  Watch this one to the end as a special guest steps in to make a surprise appearance just when you think they never got off the bus.

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TNT713 Panthers go up against the potent offense of EddieDagod23 49ers and no defender is safe.  The 49ers punish Panther defensive errors in their first drive with a long run to the left that sets up a deep pass to beat 1-on-1 coverage on the right.  But EddieDagod23's lead evaporates quickly when the kickoff is returned the distance.

The Panthers put up a little more resistance, but the 2nd quarter begins a non-stop scoring.  The 49ers open with a touchdown that caps an impressive offensive feat that repeats two big plays from their opening drive.  Again, the Panthers answer with a consecutive kickoff return for a score.  EddieDagod23 stays the course and gets into the redzone with two run plays that gash the Panther defense; capping the drive with a pass to the post for a 3rd score.  Not to be undone, the Panthers light up the scoreboard with a 75-yard run up the middle a 1-play scoring drive.  EddigeDagod23 tips the scales back in his favor with a touchdown drive that gives him the lead going into the half. 

The 3rd quarter begins without a defensive stop.  The Panther's opening drive of the half would be no different as TNT713 converts a 3rd and 19 for a touchdown.  With the game tied, EddieDagod23 struggles to move the ball as the TNT713's defense finally shows up, but after converting a 4th and 10 play, the Niners light up the Panthers secondary with an all too familiar pass play. 

The 4th quarter begins with Panthers driving, but they hit a snag once they cross midfield.  In a last ditch effort, TNT713 converts on a 4th and 19 to continue the drive; scoring a touchdown a few plays later.  By the time that 1:26 left in the game, there have already been 70 points scored in a tie game.  EddieDagod23 makes the first mistake to swing the momentum in TNT713's favor, then the stadium lights go dark.


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