Once again the mighty Panthers of TNT713 have returned to's Game Film featuring real Online Ranked games of Madden NFL 16.  This game features a high speed matchup with UwatchingMe's New Orleans Saints squad complete with hurry-up spread offenses, high pressure defenses, power running, and the battle of wits that makes our competitive juices flow. 

Divided by half, each video is comes with complete commentary from TNT713 as he analyzes the game play and the thought that goes into each play before it is executed.  Dig in and find out how the chess match plays out, play-by-play, in a no holds barred Madden matchup.

Our 2nd installment of Game Film for the Madden NFL 16 season features an amazing comeback.  A plethora of silly mistakes placed the Panthers in a hole that required a total team effort to prevail.  The Giants built a huge lead after scoring 28 unanswered points in a 4-minute span to apply serious pressure.  Jump in to find out how this amazing comeback plays out.  Divided by half, each 720p HD video features original music, commentary, and play art for TNT713's Panthers.  Watch the game and be amazed!

In this episode of Game Film, TNT713 is locked in a battle with an opponent with a quick strike offense that puts up some quick scores while forcing some key mistakes that keep the game in doubt until the very end.  Check out the video!

In this episode of Game Film, we see the Kansas City Chiefs fighting against the Carolina Panthers in an epic defensive battle where neither team can seem to get, maintain, and keep the upper hand.  Scores are tough to come by as each team takes calculated risks to control the ball.  Just as soon as the game turns, momentum shifts, then shifts again.  Until the victor rises in a game that comes down to the final play.  Check out the full game video...

In this episode of Game Film from Madden NFL 16, TNT713's Carolina Panthers square off with Ob-WuN's Buffalo Bills in battle of punches and counter-punches.  Neither team can seem to hold maintain a grip on the lead and the game sees several tie scores that last until the very end.  As the action unfolds, key moments increase in intensity and culminate in surprise ending. 

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