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It was a great Madden NFL game between the Panthers and the Bengals, complete with see-saw scores until the final 0:19 of the 4th quarter when all the rules went out the window.  Talk about home field advantage!  Three straight passes out of bounds are incorrectly ruled complete as my opponent moves closer to a game winning score - ending a 5 game win streak.  ARGHHHH.  EA!  You're killing me!!!

Watch the video!

My opponent and I were enjoying a clean game without shenanigans, but apparently the Vegas odds makers got to the refs and the Panthers were in danger of covering the spread.  The final 0:19 saw three, that's right - THREE, passes at the sideline that should have been called incomplete.  In all, the ball moved 56 yards on passes that should have been called incomplete and only 10 yards on a walk off touchdown play to win the game. 

Watch the video of the highlights and see if you agree with TNT713's protest of the loss. 

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