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Whether working on the stick skills to become shiftier, schemes that are tough to contain, or making the most of the basic elements of football - Madden players are constantly seeking ways to turn a short gain into a big play. As Madden players look for ways to make big plays, many overlook the sidelines. This tip, submitted by WFColonel56, illustrates the importance of the sidelines for springing ball carriers and receivers for huge gains. The effect of building an explosive offense that uses the sidelines stretches the defense horizontally. But don't take it from me - read about how WFColonel uses the sidelines to create impact plays for his offense.

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Many teams in Madden go unused every year because of the Quarterback.  Some teams have a quarterback so good, not using them is tough; while teams with great defenses and stout run games get passed over because the quarterback is sub-par.  Here’s what you need to focus on to win with a bad quarterback.

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