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A ranked online game of Madden NFL 18 featuring the TNT713's Panthers against LonZig's Steelers in a tight battle that comes down to the final seconds with neither team gaining the upper hand until the end.  Early big plays pressure TNT to upgrade his defense to keep from being blown out in this "Get Right Game." 

Madden ranked online games test our mettle and our common sense.  In today's game, TNT713's Panthers are on the road against o6halo's Eagles in a battle of wits that comes down to red zone efficiency.  A key decision in by the Eagles in the beginning of the game remains relevant until the final gun.  Check out the video to see what happens. 


Madden players face a dilemma striving for balance in their game plan. Finding a happy medium between runs and passes on offense or coverage and blitzes on defense might look difficult, but it is simpler than it seems.  Balance need not be a 50/50 mix.  Even a game plan featuring 100% passes or pressures can maintain a balanced attack as long as the play calling sets up the anticipation of opposing threats in varied situations.  Keeping an opponent's mind focused on countering one threat is often enough for another to work.

Official Tournament Rules

These rules will be used for all officially sponsored Madden tournament events, online and offline, with all items enforced whenever possible.  Differences between online and offline events, where possible, are noted.  Wherever online and offline event eventualities occur, tournament official judgements are final. 

Facing a no-huddle offense?  Hurry-up offenses catch unprepared Madden players off guard. That’s a big reason Madden players use it so often.  If an opponent can capitalize on indecision, they will use no-huddle to their advantage.  

Defending no-huddle is a necessary skill for Madden o­nline and league play alike just to keep the game fun. Like anything else, preparation is the best defense.  Don't be baffled by bypassed play selection screens. Develop a simple plan to keep opponent’s hurry up-offense off balance.

Every Madden game comes with a valuable lesson; some more easily gathered than others.  Today, when all seems lost don't give up.  Our opponent pharoeezy Bills jump out to an early lead and maintain it until after the 2-minute warning of the 2nd half.  TNT713 Panthers scramble, and manage to put 17 points on the board to pull out a miracle win.  Check out the video!


Madden players encounter all types of defensive tactics in head-to-head games.  Whether 11-man coverage schemes or double A-gap blitzes, offenses need a simple mechanism to regain an advantage.  Many players turn to shotgun formations to build their offensive plan against virtually any defensive strategy. 

A defensive struggle from beginning to end made touchdowns tough to come by.  TNT713 Panthers fight against DarKnightPrince_ Vikings and seem to find ways to get in their own way.  This game features a Viking scheme that blends power and deception to keep TNT713 on his toes.  Each play becomes more and more important in a tight game that comes down to the wire. 

In this edition of GamePlan, Justvibe123's Steelers test TNT713's Panthers in a game that comes down to the final seconds.   Just when there seemed to be no hope, lightning strikes and makes any forgone conclusions of victory an afterthought.  Check out this game that goes back and forth until the very end with a few twists that make the ending unforgettable. 

Every Madden game presents a challenge.  In this edition of GameFilm, TNT713's Panthers face off against 0moneyy's Falcons and find ourselves behind the eight ball TWICE at the end of the half.  Both teams refuse to give up and this game comes down to the last play.  Check out the video!

Speed is what you need to generate quick pressure.  Tempo is key.  Arrive too late and give up big plays, but getting there fast might shake an opponent's timing for the entire game.  Pressure doesn't always require a ton of shifting and pre-snap adjustments.  This tip submitted by legacy member "kuckus" is a simple way to generate pressure that works in every version of Madden.

The longer two opponents play mistake free football, the more critical each mistake becomes.  In today's edition of GameFilm, TNT713's Panthers face off against wakeboystyle420's Seahawks in a defensive struggle in which neither team can gain the upper hand until a mistake in overtime ends the game.  Check out the video!

Long ago, Randall Cunningham demonstrated how a fast quarterback with an solid arm could change the game of football.  Madden NFL 2004's cover athlete Michael Vick took scrambling quarterbacks mainstream.  Because of the threats scrambling quarterbacks presented in Madden NFL 2004, two defensive assignments were added to Madden NFL 2005.  Ever since, speed is a premium at the quarterback position for Madden players and NFL organizations. You'll need tools in your game plan to neutralize fast passers.

The lesson in every game isn't always apparent, but this game has a glaring morale.  In this edition of GameFilm, pclayallday10 brings his Redskin team to meet TNT713's Panthers for a low scoring hard hitting knock-down drag-out that sees both teams fighting for every inch.  Filled with plays we want to take back, one in particular, haunts the loser.  Be sure to watch until the end to find the valuable lesson of the game. 

Madden changes every year, but some things remain constant like the thrill of the competition that drives players to keep playing year after year. To celebrate our rich diversity,'s Community Spotlight wants to offer our gratitude to players to work tirelessly to enhance the Madden experience for others. This Spotlight features Raymond Goode, aka Shopmaster from and where Madden players can find a social network of Madden players or unique team league style game play.


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