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Sup Madden fans,

Have you ever seen someone disappear shortly after mentioning another Madden site on a forum post?  In fact, the easiest way to get the ban hammer dropped on your head is to mention (ahem, promote) a different site.  It happens.  A lot.

Believe it or not, you are at the only Madden site on the net that allows, even encourages, it''s members to get the word out about other Madden sites in it''s forums.  For years, we''ve prided ourselves on our policy of reaching out to other Madden communities (it''s in our Mission Statement) in an effort to give our members access to the content they need.

So if you know of a Madden website that isn''t on our "Madden Sites" list:

Tell us about it!  We''ll confer with the owners of the site and add them to our list of Madden websites!


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